Setting up of a Christmas tree on your own

3Ft to 7Ft  Christmas trees can be set up by one or two persons (depending on the skill and strength) with a cinco Christmas tree stand.

An 8ft and above Christmas trees will require two or more people to set up the Christmas tree with a cinco Christmas tree stand. For the larger Christmas trees (10Ft and above) we recommend setting up a pallet below the stand to prevent the tree from accidentally falling over. 

Here is a short video by cinco on how to set up a real Christmas tree:

(The hammer action may not be required as the weight of the tree will be sufficient.) 

Cutting a few centimetres of the truck is optional and not necessary as the Christmas tree is freshly cut on the same day of your delivery although we still recommend to do this for a longer life span of the tree and a greener and fresher looking Christmas tree. 

Setting up a Christmas tree by us.

During your order, please let us know that you’d like us to set up the Christmas tree for you on delivery.

A Christmas tree stand is required. You may purchase one during your order or have a working stand from last season.

What it means? The driver will install the tree into a stand for you. A stand needs to be purchased from us or a good working stand needs to be provided. Our drivers are able to refuse installation if the stand is not one of ours or not in a working condition.

If you have forgotten to select installation during your order, you can purchase it here: 

– Christmas tree installation

Christmas tree stands can be purchased here:

– Christmas tree stand – cinco 8, 10, 12